Online Residency
February - March 2021

There are tides in the body.
My body is part of the landscape and I am part of the river's skin.
I am a still body in a moving current.
If we are moulded by water, what was our shape before, how do we change and transform?

For each phrase in response to them:
1. create a tableaux of objects/materials.
2. perform a gesture,action or bodily activity.

Inspired by how bodies are sensorially affected by living in a digitalised world, heightened by the current context, Gemma Jones (performance artist based in Glasgow) and Martina Morger (performance artist based in Liechtenstein) also known as VIRTUAL TWIN, will be taking over Lunchtime Gallery’s digital spaces in the form of an online research residency as expanded durational performance until the end of March. This performance will explore the concept of the ‘Hypersea’ as we investigate the ‘technological bodies of water’ between two physical bodies. Moreover discovering the interconnectedness of bodies to research the humanisation of HydroFeminism as a strategy that connects hardware to the body.

Over the course of the next few months, VIRTUAL TWIN will be live online at using this platform to communicate. This online space will consist of weekly performance scores relating to themes of: hydrofeminism, care, community, and ableism. They will work alternatively on the Monday of each week to compose a written score that will be performed simultaneously in their respective locations - merging together via cyberspace. As a live virtual space, the responses will evidence the flow of their bodies from one geographical anchor to another in the form of: live performance, writing, drawing, photography, video and audio – where the audiences will have live access to this continuous performance via the Lunchtime website and Instagram - @lunchtimegallery.

VIRTUAL TWIN established their practice in January 2019 and showed their debut performance at PTTH//: Gallery, Luzern in January 2020. Their work is concerned with hydrofeminism, cybernetical hybridisation, duration, materiality and care. Through acts of care and the interests in interconnecting bodies; collaborating impels them towards forming new possibilities beyond the physical body.

Image by Birgit Widmer.