Tunnels, Spirals, Lattices, Cobwebs
Siri Black

Thursday 7th November
6 - 9 pm

8.11 - 23.11.19
Open Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm

Siri Black presents new work made in response to her ongoing research into entoptic visual phenomena and the problem of other minds. Entoptic (‘coming from within’) refers to visual experiences derived from the eye or brain, as opposed to an external light source. There is no common shared stimulus, and so the experience remains uniquely private and untranslatable. Nonetheless, throughout history, there have been various accounts and records of these images, as well as attempts to search for shared characteristics and possible categories.

In ‘Tunnels, Spirals, Lattices, Cobwebs’, Black looks to these records to construct a visual language, in which image and image-carrier are of equal importance. The show features casts of wood engravings, drawing from Jan Evangelista Purkinje’s ‘Contributions to the Knowledge of Vision from the Subjective Point of View’ (1818). They sit like documents on shelving units, cyphers of a new language, endlessly imprinting. Part mocking, part hopeful of the possibility of such a thing as a universally shared vision, Black attempts to question the role language and representation might play in truth-building.

Siri Black lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from BA (Hons) Painting and Printmaking in 2019. She was recently selected for the Hospitalfield Graduate Residency (2019). Recent screenings and exhibitions include ‘Too little too late’ with Eleni Wittbrodt at Outlier, Glasgow (2019), ‘Creative Reactions’ in collaboration with PhD Engineering student Isha Maini, St. Enoch Centre, Glasgow (2019), ’Excerpts’, a group screening, CCA, Glasgow (2019), and ‘Roissy, just the two of us’, GY Festival, Glasgow (2018).

This is the third exhibition in a series of four shows showcasing the work of graduates from BA (Hons) Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art this year.

** ALSO! on the evening of Thursday 7th November, we'll be having a street party with our St. Andrews Street neighbours!

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