i guess it's about time...
Robert Thomas James Mills

Publication Launch
Saturday 22nd February

Robert Thomas James Mills is an artist and writer who focuses on earnest and humorous performances which explores his own realities and identity.

Working things out by playing with words, Robert's work is usually an ever public conversation with himself. However this publication is a (semi) public conversation with you. These words are from a year long project in which (roughly) once a week a piece of writing was sent out in an email subscription in an attempt to explore, experiment and discover what the capacities of being a writer for Robert meant.

Some are good, some are bad, but they're all mostly honest and mostly unedited.

And that journey is still on-going.

Please join us for the launch of this new publication, where selected texts will be read around and some context around the project will be given.


This event was selected from the Lunchtime gallery open call this year.