Remains Changed
David Roeder

20.04 - 04.06.22
Open Weds - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Opening event
19th April, 5 - 8pm

David Roeder (1987, Eden) is an artist and mental health worker currently based in Berlin. His visual practice centers around painting, which he studied in Leipzig and Glasgow. These works are informed by a strong interest in the "plasticities and dissolution of the everyday" (Jessica Higgins) and are influenced by the glowing flatness of certain pre-renaissance and abstract expressionist art. Quality of texture and associated feelings of tactility play a key role in both his visual and his musical practice, with an Lp (as Nein Rodere) released by Horn of Plenty earlier this year.

Roeder runs Verdrusz Books, an occasional publishing imprint and is active in various projects facilitating and supporting art by people with additional support needs. A recently finished MA in Art Therapy further intensified the exploration of "feeling and form" (Susanne Langer) across all his fields of his activities. Forthcoming projects in 2022 include, ‘Kamen mit Rucksack’ with Mirjam Jacob (Westside, Leipzig), a talk on drawings from psychiatric archives (Verein für Außenseiterkunst, Berlin) and an appearance at Knotwilg Festival (Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels).