Pour the Fear: Solastalgic Synchronicities
Ayla Dmyterko

29.09 - 17.11.21

Open Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm

Click here to download the accompanying text Post-Peasant Protest by Lauren Fournier.

Images credit: Ayla Dmyterko and Lillian Ross Millard

Online Screening

Rite of Return
Ayla Dmyterko
Digital video
11 minutes, 52 seconds

Electronic composition by Mahmood Hussain
Captions by Annie Crabtree and Collective Text

Click here to download the transcript for Rite of Return

Rite of Return is a moving image work that reflects on Marianne Hirsch’s generational return and post-memory introduced in Rites of Return whilst extending The Rite of Spring – a riot-inducing ballet originally performed by the Ballet Russes. The initial narrative circles around a sacrificial virgin dancing herself to death, appropriated aesthetically and thematically from Slavic folklore. In my version, the dancer awakens amidst ecological decline, drawing upon old-country aphorisms and the poetic structures of Strakh vylyvaty or pouring forth the fear, a Ukrainian healing technique to remedy anxieties, especially those related to land. In folklore globally, themes of dance, desire and death are repetitive. These connections are important for me, as I believe that folklore will survive amongst congregations not defined as culturally specific. Instead it can be enveloped by likeminded individuals interested in intersectional dialogue and education, envisioning spaces of transformation through perseverance and practice.” – Ayla Dmyterko

Ayla Dmyterko b. on Treaty Four lands of the Plains Cree, Dakota, Denesuline, Lakota, Métis, Michif,  Nakota, Ojibwe and Saulteaux Indigenous Peoples, is a Ukrainian-Canadian artist based in Glasgow. Upon completing her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art (2020), she was awarded a Fellowship at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and is supported by Creative Scotland, The Shevchenko Foundation, Glasgow City Council, Hope Scott Trust and the Eaton Fund. Previous exhibitions include The Tale Began with a Beet (It Must End with The Devil) at Projet Pangée (Montréal), Ritual & Lore at The Art Gallery of Regina, Hush Hush at the Hague Gallery (Canada) and Intermittence at Gallery Aux Vues (Montréal). Her work was recently featured in KAJET Journal (Romania), written about by Dr. Ranjana Thapalyal in MAP Magazine (Scotland) and interviewed by Caitlin Merrett King for Young Artists in Conversation (UK).