Non-Stop Action! Out! Of! Control! Thriller Maniacs!
Amy di Rollo

Opening Saturday 12th October 6 - 8 pm

13.10 - 26.10.19

Amy di Rollo presents a new action thriller film made in collaboration with artists and amateur actors Michael Earll and Harris Burnett. Non-Stop Action! Out! Of! Control! Thriller Maniacs! recreates famous scenes from films featuring actors Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro, including Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver and The Shining, where all films are merged into one fictional world of action, violence, guns, terror and justice.

Created out of an obsession with classic films after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art earlier this year, di Rollo acknowledges the procrastination felt during this time, the film being a transformation of side effects of artistic working practices. Props and costumes are meticulously created by hand out of salvaged cardboard, a leftover transformed into something of value and an acknowledgment of the inevitable failure of complete homage. Di Rollo employs humour within her homage, both laughing at and celebrating the timeless yet jaded films and film stars referenced in Non-Stop Action! Out! Of! Control! Thriller Maniacs! The cardboard props are presented in the gallery as a flimsy yet fanatical shrine to Nicholson and De Niro.

Di Rollo, Earll and Burnett met during an Art Matters residency at Project Ability organised with GSA during which di Rollo made the film, Grammar Police with Earll and another artist Michael Stark that featured in her degree show.

Amy di Rollo lives and works in Glasgow and graduated from BA (Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art in 2019. 

This is the second exhibition in a series of four shows showcasing the work of graduates from BA (Hons) Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art this year.

Photo credit: Sean Campbell